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1) Kummi Adi: Dr. Siva Chidambaram , Swarnalatha, Naresh Iyer, Theni Kunjarammal, Vignesh

This is the first song in the album. A very energetic number, Rahman starts with his favorite Thavil/nadhaswaram and rustic folkish beats. It’s very clear that this song is aimed at the front benchers. It has that usual Rahmanish touch to it. Melody is interwoven throughout the song. Nice rendition by the younger folks and Dr. Siva Chidambaram and Swarnalatha add beauty to this folk number. A superb number in Rahman’s unique inimitable style. Lyrics are very interesting and add strength to the song.
Rating: 8/10

2) Munbe Vaa: Shreya Ghoshal, Naresh Iyer

It’s a very beautiful romantic number from the Mozart of Asia. Starts off with a simple santoor like prelude with an effective bass guitar and an electric piano, this song is a typical Rahman number with effective string section and synth section. That
Rangoli chorus is used to good effect. But this song definitely slips low in charanams and loses steam. But again the lively rendition of Naresh and Shreya and the orchestration lifts the song to great scales. A beautiful semi classical number… Barring the lows in charanams part, this song is a class of its own. This song is sure to rule the charts.
No surprise Rahman himself said this song is going to be the anthem of youth…
Rating: 10/10

3) Maaza Maaza: SPB. Charan, Shreya Ghoshal

A shocker of sorts from Rahman. No Rahman fan or an average fan would enjoy this kind of number. The worrying factor is they had wasted a beautiful tune for this sensual number. Superb punch beats, mild strings throughout the song accompanied by bass guitar and khatams and beautiful synths throughout the song lend dignity to the song. Is this SPB Saran? He sounds so mature and expressive and sounds like SPB. There is nothing to rave about this number. Rahman should refrain from composing these kinds of songs.
Rating: 6/10

4) Machakari: Shankar Mahadevan, Vasundhra Das

This song starts beautifully but it some how gave a
déjà vu feeling after listening to its prelude.
Through out this album, Rahman has experimented to the extent possible but is this necessary? Different interludes with synth bass at higher octaves, this song is very different but could have been better if the percussion in the middle portion of the song were reduced. Shankar Mahadevan had given his best and Vasundra Das sings after a long time for Rahman. This is a good number but could have been better.
Rating: 7/10

5) New York: A.R. Rahman

One word to describe this song-
“WOW”.. What a song? No words to describe this song…One of the best songs this year has produced. With Rahman himself rendering the vocals, this song is the pick of the album. Classic humming portions by the wizard himself, this song proves one thing to everyone. The wizard is still in form. In this song he brings Kenny G and the beautiful country/pop style of 70’s to life… Pure experimentation that only people like Rahman dare to attempt… This song if picturised properly will rule the charts for long. Great interludes accompanied with guitar strumming throughout and great beats with the gorgeous saxophone and church bells further add strength to the song… The master of techno melodies is back.
Rating: 10/10

5) Maaricham: Carolisa, Mohamad Aslam, Krishna

This is yet another techno track. Impressive vocals by Carolisa, Mohamad Aslam and Krishna… This song belongs to the Bailamore kind of genre. Carolisa reminds Dominique in several aspects as she shifts to higher octaves with ease. Innovative music and some unconventional interludes rule the song. Synth explosion effects and synth slap guitar loops rule the song. The male singer reminds Unni Menon and he renders this song beautifully. Again a lot of experimentation and this song has every thing in it to become a huge hit. It’s a huge disappointment when some one said that this song is not in the movie. Hope it comes in parts because this is a power packed song and one hope it gets its due.
Rating: 9/10

6) Jillendru Oru Kadhal: Tanvi

This is the second best song in the album. Rahman has experimented with Jazz again after his earlier experimentations in his musical hit
“Iruvar”. The song starts off with saxophone/ trumpet and proceeds throughout with slide guitars, double bass and has that every element of Jazz interspersed with pianos and this is a energy packed fun song… But that mellowing of cat sound could have been avoided. A beautiful song in Jazz style and one hopes this song becomes a huge hit. Tanvi had rendered this song superbly. Her flawed pronunciation sometimes adds as an asset to this song. The song starts of well and ends well… Pure Jazz bliss…
Rating: 10/10


Though not Rahman’s best, this album is one of the best albums in this year. Experimentation rules the roost and it proves to be the pros and cons of this album. Rahman should never compose songs like
Mazza. 4 songs are sure hits and the rest are just above ordinary.

A must buy for any music fan.

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