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This is the most expected album of this year…..Rahman has given mind blowing music for this album. The album is already a hit with songs topping the charts.

1) Taxi Taxi-Benny Dayal, Blaaze, Viviane, Javed Ali
The album kick starts to fifth gear in the first song itself. This song starts with a funny cute humming by Viviane and then followed by powerful bass lines and thumping beats. Guitars and Mediterranean strings by John Themis deserve a special mention here. The lyrics are powerful and its already a hit all over the city. Rahman has given hip-hop in bhangra style. Benny Dayal is a great find. His singing is very stylish and mature. Some of the bass (particularly from the 3.10 minute) used in this song brings back the vintage old Rahman of Kadhalan days. Good news-he is back with a bang. The French lyrics by Viviane is innovative. Blaaze does his usual rap. Luckily he is an asset to this song. The interludes are interesting. A perfect friendship song.
Rating: 10/10

2) Marudhaani-Madushree, A.R.Rahman and Henry
The song starts with a bang with the melodious Madushree humming her way through. Her voice resonates amidst the beats. This song is the pick of the album. It is lot better than Munbe Vaa and will the former a run for its money. Such is the impact that the song gets better and better after repeated listening. Very effective ambient pad usage in this song. There are oodles of chord progressions in this song. The piano interludes along with flute and chimes are stunning and Rahman still has not started his magic. Wow what a humming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very catchy bass guitar usage and harmony section weaves magic in the song. Lyrics are good-could have been better.
He spells magic on the listeners. The humming alone is enough to give the other songs a run for its money. Absolute magic. Going to rule the charts for times to come.
Rating: 10/10

3) I Miss you da-Chinmayee, Indai Haza
Very unconventional song structure-it belongs to Mazza Mazza (remember Sillunu Oru Kadhal) category…. Chinmayee has given her best in this song. The Eminee chants are very addictive. Indai Haza (Chinmayee’s alter ego) is none other than Chinmayee herself. The husky singing from Chinmayee from 2.10 minute is sheer magic. Ambient pads with flutes and Analagon with the powerful bass guitar/Orchestral hits gives a new dimension to this song. It’s a very catchy song with a futuristic setting. Song structure and sound design ahead of times.
Rating: 9.5/10

4) Chinamma-Benny Dayal and Chinmayee
This song is a remake version of Rahman’s hit number by the same name from the controversial magnum opus-Meenakshi-Tale of Three Cities. This song’s prelude starts an old fashioned distortional FM style flute followed with the crashing Bass guitar. What follows is Rahman’s techno version of Andhra folk. Percussion is the strong point of this song ably complemented by saw lead and electric synth bass. Benny Dayal is an apt choice for Sukwinder Singh. While the hindi version was a solo, here the tamil version is a duet. The usage of claps as a layer in the 1.47 minute and the interlude in the 2.20 minute is great. Chinmayee sounds very different. The well panned rolling beats reminds of Sivamani’s work in Konjum Mainaakale….. The singers have to be complemented for their good work and Rahman retains the final humming of Sukwinder. Really nostalgic. This song is already a hit.
Rating: 9.5/10

5)Elay- Krish, Naresh Iyer
Krish makes his debut under Rahman. Its really surprising as how Rahman has managed to give so many hit numbers in the same album. This is the best song the Mozart of Asia has composed in Country/Soul Genre. Its lot better and refreshing than Roobarooo. Excellent guitar strumming and excellent violins throughout the song. Rahman has tried his hand in fusing Irish folk and the output is unbelievable music.
Excellent usage of chimes and Bondoneon/Harmonica throughout the song.Lyrics are excellent and mundane at some places. Excellent chords elevates this song to new highs and ambient pad in 3.15 minute is trade mark Rahman music. Great fun number.
Rating: 9.5/10

6) Naan Epodhu-Reena Bharadwaj
This is another remake-Yeh Rishta from the movie Meenakshi-Tale of Three Cities. This is a beautiful semi classical Hindustani melody with dholaks and guitars ruling the song. Absolute melody. Excellent bass guitar and piano and the bass guitar played on the keyboard takes us back to the Rahman of early 90’s Hear the bass from 2.10 to 2.14 just before the synth effects come into picture. The water flowing sound with veenas and guitars and pianos adds beauty to the already beautiful song. Rendition of the song is good but the female singer had to work on her pronunciation. Lyrics could have been a lot better.
Rating: 10/10

An absolute classic album. Don’t miss it. A sure buy for any music fan. Highly addictive.

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