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This is also one of my favorite semi classical number….Hope many will like it..
The song is “Malargale Malargae” from the movie Love Birds directed by P. Vasu and produced by Pyramid Natarajan and the stars were Prabhu Deva and Nagma. The movie was well appreciated in terms of musical output but was a complete washout in the Box Office. I can very well remember that this movie just ran for 10 days in our neighboring theatre. Rahman-Prabhu Deva combination meant business. Their combination was focused more on rhythm based numbers and an occasional melody in each and every movie. This movie was heavily promoted using Rahman and Prabhu Deva in the lead but the movie was so bad that even Rahman was not able to lift the movie.

Coming to the song “Malargale Malargale”, it was sung by one of my favorite singers Hariharan and Chitra. This combination under the Mozart of Asia (that’s how the Times hail RahmanJ) consistently delivered goods and this number is no exception.
“Malargale Malargale” is a semi classical song and the choice of ragas for this song is also innovative. It is based on the ragas “Saraswati” and “Hamir Kalyani/”….It has shades of both these ragas. Hamvir (Hamir Kalyani in Carnatic music) traces back to Mughal era when it was sung for evening riyaaz.

Rahman himself explains his choice,
“For film music, a tune should be fresh and almost all the simple ragas have been exploited by my predecessors. So, as far as I'm concerned, I treat a raga like a note in western music. So Sawaraswati and Hami Kalyani are much related and they provide a nice change from the traditional tunes you have heard before”.

Avare sollitaaru….Naan enna solla………..This song like other Rahman’s classical songs starts off with a brilliant prelude with synth effects followed by shrill steel flute along with the bass, electronic piano and violin playing the prelude with some splendid singing by Chitra accompanied only by a few instruments-the violins and DNC Hat sample in the backdrop.

The Ist interlude is all grandeur with exquisite pulsating beats, violins and upright/slap bass complementing each other.
The beats are ripped off from Paul Young's 'Love of common people', from the album 'No Parlez', released in 1983. But these are commercial loops which anyone can use. Rahman used the same beats in “Akkadanga Naanga” from the movie Indian.

Hariharan starts only after the Ist prelude but adds more beauty to the song by his Hindustani classical laced singing switching frequently from bass notes to higher crescendos. One of the highlights of this song is the classical guitar work by “Guitar Prasanna” and bass guitar by Keith Peters. The second interlude is a perfect mix of both western and Indian classical with seamless flow of violins, bass guitar and mandolins. Really breathtaking composition.

The lyrics are as follows:


Movie: Love Birds (1996)
Singer: Chitra K S, Hariharan
Music: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Chitra: malargalae malargalae idhu enne kanava
malaigalae malaigale idhu enne ninaivaa
urugiyadhae enadhullam
perugiyadhae vizhivellam
vinnodu nee dhan
mannodhu nee dhan
kannodu nee dhan
C: megam thirandhu vandu
mannil irangi vandhu
marbil olindhu kolla vaa vaa
H: mArbil olindhu kondaal
maaran ambu varum
koondhalil olindhu kolla varavaaa
C: en koondhal devan thoongum palli araiya araiya?
malar soodum vayadhil ennai marandhu povadhu dhan muraiya??
H: ninaikkadha neramillai kaadhal radhiye radhiye
un peyarai sonnaal podhu nindru vazhi vidum kaadhal nadhiye
C: en swaasam un moochil
un varthai en pechil
H: aindhaaru nootrandu vazhvom en vazhve vaa
malargalae malargalae
H : poovil naavirindhaal
kaatrum vai thirandhaal
kaadhal kaadhal endru pesum
C: nila thamizh arindhaal
alai mozhi therindhaal
nam mel kavi ezhudhi veesum
H: vazhve or vazharpirai dhanae vanne nilavae nilavae
vaanodu neelam pole uraindhu ponadhu dhan uravae
C: urangaadha neram kooda kannil undhan kanavae
udalodu uyirai pole uraindhu ponadhu dhaan uravae
H: marakkadhu un raagam
marikkadhu en dhaagam
C: unakkaga uyir vazhven
vaa en vazhve vaa


Anonymous said...

I analysed the raaga of the song. It could be based on the raaga Mechakalyani which has the notes :
Aa: S R2 G3 M2 P D2 N3 S
Av: S N3 D2 P M2 G3 R2 S.

These are the notes present in that song. so


Karthik Surya said...

Could you please give the drums note for the song malargalae malargalae?????/