Monday, August 4, 2008



1) Anbe…..Aaruyire…. by A.R.Rahman
A.R.Rahman starts with a bang with his impressive vocals and loud electrifying beats. This song seems to be the intro song for the hero. One of the best intro songs in recent times. This song proves that he still has the grip over Tamil film music because a year had passed since NEW released and Rahman had not disappointed. A sure chartbuster with brilliant interludes and very nice sound design that proves why A.R.Rahman is way ahead of others in the industry. This song is heavy in synth and look for the “ bubble effect “ at the closing stages of the song its really mind blowing. Given S.J.Surya’s penchant for MSV’s music, this song too slightly touches the 70’s style in pronunciation (I am sure S.J.S is going to imitate MGR in the dance sequences).

2) Mayilirage… by Madushri , Naresh Iyer
This song is an absolute beauty a typical melody from the Mozart of Asia. This song starts with Rahman’s favorite Thavil ( by Purushotmam) and an amazing bass guitar in the intro section itself makes this song an interesting number. The song as the lyrics suggest is like a beautiful peacock flower and sure to be loved by classical lovers. The new find Naresh is more of Haricharan of “Kadhal” fame, but he emotes well and a star find and in the other end Madhushri irritates with her pronounciation .Though her voice is refreshing , Shreya Ghosal would have been a better bet. This song after the Thavil / Nadhaswaram intro slightly slips to low with tabla completing the song and again the beautiful Thavil takes over in the end to make it a colossal beauty.

3) Varugiraai…. By Hariharan, Chitra
When I was basking in the beauty of the first two songs this song came as a stunner as the composer had given a new dimension to a pathos song. Remember the stunning “Hamsadvani” raag based “Vennilave”( Minsara Kanavu) and “Kaapi” based “En Mael Vizhundha Mazhai Thuliye ( May Madham) if u are expecting in any of these lines you will be disappointed. Here this song starts with impressive vocals by Hariharan and Chitra. This song is a highly complicated melody reaching high crescendos ( the string section by Chennai Strings Orchestra).None would have done justice to this song as only Rahman’s orchestration and Hari’s vocals carries the song forward. This song is heavy on beats and after some time you will be irritated by the monotonous percussion sounds which doesn’t sound Rahmanish and it sounds like Sirpi had composed the beat section. Drummer Sivamani’s absence surely felt in this song. Inspite of all this song is receiving rave reviews.

4) Thigu…Thigu… by Sadhana Sargam
Though this song is not my cup of tea I will give my thoughts on this song. This song totally embraces the 80’s Illayaraja’s style of seductive numbers .One cant find many of this songs in Rahman’s repertoire .A bad approach as the lyrics are also crude ( by Vaali) .But this song has beautiful interludes and a stunning percussion with tablas ruling the song . This song slightly touches upon the Middle East rhythms and goes upon smoothly. Not a song to be heard aloud.

5) Thazhuvudhu… by SPB, Shreya Ghosal
This song also belongs to the same category as the previous song but here the song is youthful with the evergreen SPB sounding a lot younger and Shreya Ghosal a lot sweeter. This song also has nice bass guitar notes all over and I am puzzled why ARR tried to bring back the classic SPB / Janaki type of “item numbers”. This song starts with a strange “Jungle rhythm” and immerses into nice bass loops. Rahman’s unique orchestration and lively rendition by the singers carry the song forward.

6) Marangothiyee… by Blazee, Shankar Mahadevan, Vasundhra Dass and Pop Shalini
Rahman takes a break in this song. This is a heavy trance number aimed for the dance floors and is also a remix of the second song but with different lyrics. Probably they wanted to create another hit song like “Thottal Poo Malarum”( from NEW) .The composer had made up his mind that the lyrics should not be audible as voice morphing of Shanker Mahadevan takes place at a number of places. The rap part of Blazee only makes matter worse. No doubt this song is energetic and is aimed for the dance buffs.

Overall comments:
First of all I am just a lay man trying to pour my thoughts on this album. On the whole this album contains 3 excellent numbers,2 average songs and a bad song. Listening to this album after the maestro’s “Thiruvasagam” and our ARR’s “The Bose” and “The Rising” this album pales in comparison on melodies. Probably Rahman should give at least two melodies in the same movie like he had given in his earlier movies( Hindolam based “Margazhi Poove” and Kaapi based “En Mael” from May Madham).
And go back to old hands like Ranjith Barot in sound programming .
Had to wait for God Father to hear what “Ah AAh” failed to do.