Monday, August 4, 2008


1)Ilamai: Aslam, Shalini, Thanvi
A brilliant introduction song. It starts with a beautiful bass guitar loop followed by a strange human voice/SFX generated effect. Rahman this time around takes a cue from the Punjabi folk and executes it to perfection. Beautiful catchy tune, funky rhythms, forms the core of this song. I think this might be the introduction song for Ajith. Some where in the middle, it gives a feeling of “heard before”. Otherwise a brilliant number which contains both the mass and the class. It’s catchy especially when the singer renders a few female names and when he croons “Oh Ooh Ilamai”. -Dangerously addictive.

2) Ilamai ( Remix): Blazee, Suresh Peters
It’s the same song but aimed for dance buffs. As I said in my “Ah Aah review” it’s high time Rahman go back to his old friends. Rightly he goes to his old time buddy Suresh Peters and he does his role with panache. This song with the typical dance floor beat and beautiful voice morphing fits the bill and another song added to the hit list. It’s slightly better than the original song.

3) Innisai : Mahathi, Naresh
4) Innisai Remix1: Mahathi, Saindhavi

5) Innisai Remix2: Mahathi, Saindhavi
Three different versions of which the latter two are almost the same except the “Kuthu beat”... A breath taking effort from the Mozart of Asia. This song is the pick of the album and my favourite too. This song brought back nostalgic memories of Rahman’s magical 90’s numbers. This is a beautiful semi classical number with Rahman blending his favourite Ghatam and Mridangam and bass guitar. He came close in “Mayilirage”, but this one is a complete song with aggrandized string section, beautiful piano notes and a trade mark bass guitar throughout, which only he can dream of improvising. Generally KSR movies do contain classical numbers like the Chakravagam raag based “Vidukathaiya(Muthu)” and the effervescent “Minsaara Poove(Padayappa)” but this song is totally class. Imagine Ajith dancing bharathanatyam to this number. Simply mesmerizing.. This song is going to be a rage after the movie’s release. Naresh is soothing in his vocals.

6) Kaatril: SPB, Reena Bharadwaj, Sadhana Sargam
This song if I am not wrong was the first one to be picturised for this movie. So I had high hopes for this number. But strangely this song fails to impress. I don’t know why Rahman gets inspired by Middle Eastern rhythms. He did it in Rang De Basanthi ( Khalbali) and here this song doesn’t sound native either. To make matters worse, it has that déjà vu feel to it and reminds of “Engey Enathu Kavithai( KanduKondein KanduKondein)” and many old ARR numbers. Only the female leads, SPB and ARR’s innovative orchestration saves this song. A decent number with tablas, dholaks and wonderful strings section but still lacks the punch. It’s a good melody number and it’s a hit already.

7) Kamma Karaiyil: Naresh, Sowmya
Can Rahman compose dapaanguthu songs? Yes… But he does it in his own style.. Naresh has sung some good numbers in this album. He deserves a lot. Energetic beats with good tune and some splendid rhythms complement this song. One appreciable part is Rahman keeps the melody intact though the song is a mass number. Watch out for the African chants in the middle... Excellent fusion. Good music but very ordinary lyrics.

8)Theeyil Vizhundha: A.R. Rahman
Superb song with excellent percussion and it proves Rahman’s command over his fusion ability fusing Sufism and cine music. The way the song proceeds with Rahman singing in high pitches is simply superb. Simple and effective music fusing bass guitar and Ghadam. Melodic sentimental number. A very good number.

9) Thothapuram: Kalpana, Leon James, Peer Mohamad, Ranjith, Sonnu Kakkar
Rahman doesn’t believe in formula’s. He breaks all conventions in this song. This time he takes a cue from Goanese and Ceylon Baila Music and executes to perfection. Excellent percussions, good interludes, Punjabi singer Sonnu had rendered this song well.

At last they even made Rahman to compose “Kuthu” songs. Overall a very good album. Though not Rahman’s best but still miles ahead of other albums in tamil film music. Waiting for “Jillunu Oru Kadhal”.

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