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Having written two songs from Rahman, I would like to review a song from India’s greatest ever composer “The Maestro Isaigyani Illayaraja”. Raja is one of the versatile composers that India has ever produced. He can compose anything from folk to classical and then jazz and then shift gears to composing a Symphony (it’s really a puzzle why his Symphony was never released) and it’s a consolation that at least his Oratorio got released. But he continues to mesmerize us by giving memorable numbers and he is the best for re recording in the industry. M.S.V, Illayaraja and A.R.Rahman are the trendsetters as far as the Tamil Film Music is considered (at least for the last 50 years).

It’s a great pleasure and privilege to write about a Maestro’s song. Here I have selected the mellifluous evergreen ‘Kodiyile Malligapoo” from Bharathi Raja’s “Kadalora Kavithaigal”.

First of all, I would like to tell my views about Jayachandran. Kodiyile Malligapoo is one of the excellent songs from the evergreen hit “Kadalora Kavithaigal”. Wow…Wat a song!!!!!! Sung admirably by Jayachandran and Janaki. Jayachandran is one of the most gifted singers in South India but sadly he didn’t get the recognition he deserved. He sang along with the two greats S.P.B and K.J.Yesudoss. Even amidst the two greats, he tried to maintain his identity and has given us some great memorable hits.

Jayachandran is a milder version to K.J.Yesudoss, a perfect mix of the legendary P.B.Srinivas (at higher octaves) and K.J.Yesudoss.. Most of his hit songs were great melodies. Like Yesudoss, he too sang philosophical, soft romantic and pathos songs. Be it a Raja’s “ Kodiyile Malligapoo” or Rahman’s “Yen Mel Vizhundha”, he has shown great adaptability and has rendered both the songs with great panache and flair. Even his latest song “Kanavellam” from Kireedom is all class…Moreover he is a trained mridangam player, a multifaceted personality- a good actor, singer and instrumentalist. Who can forget his yesteryear classic “Thaalaatuthe Vaanam” or the short sweet “Kollaiyile thennai” and “Oru Theivam Thantha Poove “…He is every composer’s dream.

“Kodiyile” starts with the beautiful bass guitar and HiHat kind of rhythm complementing both the singers…The first interlude is glorious with bass played along with string section and keyboards and with the trademark tabla adding beauty. The Maestro’s inclination towards Baroque music not withstanding, the second interlude is even glorious with violins, violas, and cellos and with an aggrandized string section; Raja spells magic in our ears. The “instrumental counterpoints” he manages out of bass, flute, violas and keyboards is just amazing. Vairamuthu’s lyrics are an asset to the song and it clearly depicts the song situation. Hats off to him…

And again in the last part, HiHat rhythm (people correct me here) and bass guitar join together to finish the song with such grandeur that only the Maestro can do…where are you sir??? We want back the glorious Raja of 80’s who gave us such memorable classics.


Movie: Kadalora Kavithaigal
Song: Kodiyile Malligapoo
Singers: Jayachandran and S.Janaki
Music: Illayaraja
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Kodiyilae malligappoo manakkudhae maanae
edukkavaa thodukkavaa thudikiren naanae
parikkach chollith thoondudhae pavazhamallith thoattam
nerunga vidavillaiyae nenjulkullak koochcham

kodiyilae malligappoo manakkudhae maanae
kodukkavaa thadukkavaa thavikiren naanae

manasu thadumaarum adhu nenachchaa niram maarum
mayakkam irundhaalum oru thayakkam thadai poadum
niththam niththam un nenappu nenjukkuzhi kaayum
maadu rendu paadhai rendu vandi engae saerum
poththi vechchaa anbu illae sollipputtaa vambu illae
sollaththaanae thembu illae inba thunbam yaaraal

parakkum dhisaiyaedhu indhap parava ariyaadhu
uravum theriyaadhu ulagam puriyaadhu
paaraiyilae poovalarndhu paarthavanga yaaru
anbu konda nenjaththukku aayisu nooru
kaalam varum vaelaiyilae kaaththiruppaen ponmayilae
thaedhi varum unmaiyilae saedhi solvaen kannaa


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