Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TIDE - A dream come true!!!


I always wondered how one would compose for a movie. Will the dreamy landscapes and the scope it offers to a composer bring the best out of him? Or.....block the natural thought process that flows from his mind and restrict him to the script? 

It works either ways. Sometimes, a challenging script brings the best out of a musician. Inspired by my online friends like Girish Nair, Sunil Malhotra and professionals like Michael Daniels and silverlight2004db, I decided to work on a concept. I always dreamt of creating a sound scape similar to The Bounty. Its a dream. It will be a sin if I say I would like to compose something like Vangelis..Vangelis will kill me...I would not even qualify to utter his name...

But we can always experiment. Now I am going to explain about the numbers how I managed to compose for this album. Since it was based on sea and ocean, I had named it as TIDE.


This was composed depicting a sailor's experience on high seas. I am a hardcore fan of Vangelis. I always wanted to create something on the lines of "The Bounty". The beats, CS80V Brass and the ambience were constructed keeping in mind the Closing Titles of the Bounty. The melody line and the orchestration are original but was designed to sound like 80's classic Vangelis number.


A sailor's life is not complete without a duel. This was composed as an orchestral piece with thumping percussion, horn section and a strong string section.


This one has a nice ambience. Amidst the roaring sea waves, the sailor is lost and he tries to regain his senses, searching for a way out. Like the seeping light in the dark tunnel, he at last finds a distant land..Sea gulls and fauna fill the air.


This was composed as a thrilling orchestral piece depicting a situation where the sailor sets his oars across the ocean against the backdrop of a violent storm and lightning unaware of the impending danger.


When I started composing Main Titles, I also planned to compose an orchestral version of the same with glaring horns and string section. I thoroughly enjoyed this particular piece because of the impact of Edirol Strings. It really sounded like a cheap real symphony orchestra.


This was my dream track which was an odd man out from this album. This was conceptualized some 4 to 5 months back when I thought of composing something I hadn't done before. (i.e) using a vocoder/ speech synthesizer. Had to admit that the legendary Kraftwerk was an inspiration behind this track. The inspiration stops at using computerized voices. Rest of the concept is original. It has its own share of funky drum loops with a nice mix of FL Studio's speech synthesizer voices.The bass also plays a good role in this number. This one took me 2 months to finalize. Initially it was planned out with  a different tune, then I tried to sing and process it like a vocoder voice and then top it with electronic score. Then I finally programmed everything in FL Studio. I had not even touched my keyboard for this number.

I hope you all will enjoy. Feedback most welcome. Next will meet with a dreamy spacey soundtrack...

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