Friday, July 31, 2009

Video songs with my voice-Pure fun

Friends!!! It all started with one of my friends trying out a karaoke number. I also followed suit. Later I became addicted to it. Then I sang more than 15 songs on a trot...It was pure fun...Then the job became monotonous....So spice up things, I thought of adding my voice to the visuals...

It was more challenging and it was more fun....I recorded using Audacity. In mid 80's songs, karaoke could not be created so I sang all along with the singer and then increased the gain of my voice and decreased the gain of the original song...

1) Poo Vaasam

2) Poove Sempoove

3) En Iniya Pon Nilave

4) Kaadhal Vaithu

5) Vaanam Arugil Oru Vaanam

Enjoy the day

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